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Why StudentVUE+?


Switch between light and dark. Important assignments are highlighted, and grades are front and center.


Works flawlessly on desktops, tablets, and phones. We even have installable apps for Android, iOS, and desktop*!


See your grade to four decimals. See the exact percentage each assignment contributed to your grade.


What if you added test corrections? What if you scored a 90 on a test? With StudentVUE+, you can find out with two taps.


See if you have anything new immediately after logging in. Select users can even get texts when there's something new.**

And More

See both attendance summaries and totals. Messages. Your GPA and Course History. Yes, even on mobile.

*Apps are installed as progressive web apps, and require a device capable of them (iOS 12.2+, Android 5.0+, or Chrome 73+).
**Due to the additional data we'd need to collect to serve notifications, the notifier service is disabled by default. If you want access, you must contact us directly.

See for Yourself!

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  • Thank you for making this. It's been really helpful.

    Ethan Sherman - Class of 2020

  • Keep it up! The "What-If" part has been a game changer, especially during finals week.

    Anonymous - Class of 2023

  • It's great.

    Kevin Wong - Class of 2020

Data Security

Your grades and assignments details are never stored on our servers, not even temporarily.

We understand that educational records are sensitive. That's why no unnecessary information is collected, and all grade caching is stored on your own device.

A quick rundown:

  • Zero data is logged or stored unless you explicitly give your (electronically) written consent
  • Your credentials are only stored if you use Notifier. Because of that, users do not have access to this service unless they give us written notice that they acknowledge and are OK with it.
  • The only personally identifiable information stored on our servers are your name, grade, and school. Grades and assignments are never stored; we store assignment ID numbers instead to determine what items you've seen without compromising privacy.
  • You can see a record of all your active sessions, your login history, and the requests made by StudentVUE+ on your behalf on the account page.
  • Full details are listed clearly in the Privacy Policy.

Still not convinced?

Here's a more comprehensive list of everthing available in StudentVUE+.

Have questions? Concerns? Not sure how to use it? Contact me by email (ryan [at] or in person.